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Dormitory Policy

Students accommodated in the dormitory are required to observe the provisions of the “House Rules”, as well as rules pertaining to human coexistence and reasonable behaviour.
Neither the services and allowances of the dormitory, nor the rights arising from dormitory membership may be transferred to third persons. Considering the interests of the dormitory community, and requirements pertaining to the dormitory, students need to observe the following:

  • Dormitory operators regularly verify compliance with House Rules. Actions will be taken against those violating the protection of institutional property and the order of the dormitory.  In justified cases, guest hosting, and accommodation of visitors may be prohibited. 
     The dormitory may initiate disciplinary actions against those who have justifiably and repeatedly violated the House Roles.

  • Students admitted to the Dormitory are obligated have their residence registered when moving in and report the case of residence when leaving.

  • Students are required to comply with the “conditions of dormitory stay” and the provisions of any other regulations related to the dormitory. Dormitory members may only establish themselves in the rooms assigned to them by the dormitory operator.  Upon moving in and out, the room shall be taken over and handed over as per the inventory records. The dormitory operator takes responsibility only for such jewelry, cash and securities in a total value below HUF 500 000 that are placed in the safe deposit box installed at the reception. The renting fee of the safe deposit box is published in an announcement.

  • Students shall bear financial liability for the equipment, objects located in the dormitory that are the taken over.  Any damage caused thereto shall be compensated by the person causing it.

  • Each room shall be used for its designated purpose. Walls, pieces of furniture, doors of the dormitory rooms, corridors, areas of shared use must not be damaged; no stickers may be applied thereon. Any advertisement, information of public interest may be displayed on the notice boards only.  Decorations may be applied only to the designated surfaces in the residential units.

  • TThe residents are obliged to provide for the order, cleanliness of the residential rooms. The dormitory provides bed linen change and bathroom cleaning at a previously specified time, every two weeks and every three weeks respectively. At these times, the appointed personnel of the dormitory shall check the room for its condition and any damage.
    In the time period specified in the announcement, students are required to facilitate cleaning in the residential unit by way of tidying up the room.
    In case students fail to facilitate cleaning in the room, and the operator cannot do the cleaning, or finds the residential unit in untidy condition, the operator warns the students concerned to tidy up the room, and at the same time notifies the representative of the University of the issue.   On the third day following the notice, the representative of the operator shall check the residential unit with the representative of the University. Should the untidy condition persist after an additional 1-day peremptory period, with the consent of the representative of the University the operator may have the (forced) cleaning executed instantly, and the associated costs shall be borne by the students residing in the room. The cleaning charges shall be disclosed by the operator in its public notices.

  • No pet may be kept in the dormitory, except for guide dogs and aquarium fish. No bicycles may be taken into the dormitory building. It is prohibited to keep any such object in the premises of Campus Hotel that poses utmost threat to public safety. When specifying objects posing utmost threat to public safety, the provisions of the relevant legal regulation (Gov. Decree 175/2003 (Oct 28) shall be observed.

  • Between 11. p.m. and 7 a.m., people in the corridors, residential rooms and areas of shared use of the dormitory are required to keep quiet to such an extent that facilitates undisturbed studying and relaxation.


  • In the premises of the Dormitory, the use of WiFi routers operated by students, visitors, guests is strictly forbidden, in line with Section 4.3.4 of the IT User Policy of the University of Debrecen.

  • The main entrance of Building “A” and “B” of the dormitory is open 24/7. Students residing in the dormitory shall use the electronic access control system as required, and shall confirm their personal identity by presenting any photo identification document upon the dormitory operator’s request.

  • Guests may be hosted in the dormitory between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Guests are allowed to enter the dormitory only if the dormitory student hosting them is staying in the dormitory, shows up at the reception desk upon call, and takes responsibility for the visitor by signing off the relevant form.
    Visitors are required to present their student card, ID card or any other photo document suitable to for personal identification, as well as a valid dormitory access document. The operator’s employee shall, in return, provide an electronic access card to them. (In the absence of such documents, any person may stay at the reception only.)Upon leave, visitors shall return the access card. In the case of failing to return their electronic access card, guests themselves, or their hosts are required to reimburse its cost price to the operator.The services of the dormitory may not be used by external people. Any person who is not the resident of the dormitory, or a registered guest thereof is considered external person. All students residing at the dormitory shall be responsible for the behavior of their guests, as well as for observing the visiting hours, in order to avoid disturbance to the dormitory’s life. In case the guest of a dormitory student fails to leave the building until 11 p.m., or intends to stay the night without giving notice thereof, s/he is required to pay the fee titled “unauthorized use of vacant accommodation”, regardless whether or not the person actually uses the service.The host is required to discharge liabilities, in case the guest is not willing to do so. In case a student’s guests regularly stay beyond the visiting hours, it may entail the termination of the student’s legal standing at the dormitory by way of disciplinary actions.

  • In the residential rooms, in the vacant beds of absentees, students may host guests, for which a remuneration fee is charged, as specified by the operator in notice. The condition for this is that the residents of the room give their written consent to hosting the guest.
    If approved by the residents, the receptionist shall be informed of the intention to stay the night no later than 10 p.m. by paying the specified accommodation fee.
    Hosting any unexpected guest is subject to the approval of the representative of the University (dormitory teacher, senior).
    Guests may be hosted at students’ vacant places for no more than three consecutive days. The receptionist or the security guard may prohibit any guest who is heavily drunk, or showing disorderly conduct from entering the dormitory. Hosts shall be responsible for their guests.

  • Smoking is prohibited at the premises of the Dormitory, and within 5 meters of its entrance. Smoking is permitted outside the building, in the open air, at the designated locations. Designated smoking places: Building “A”: terrace; building “B”: terrace, as well the designated smoking places next to the entrances. Students are required to observe rules related to fire protection, work safety and accident prevention. The violation thereof entails disciplinary proceedings. Should any student smoke outside the designated places or trigger fire alarm, generating extra cost to the dormitory (such as the fire brigade going to the site upon a fire alarm), s/he shall reimburse the cost of mobilization, any potential fire protection fine, as well as the extraordinary maintenance cost.
    Covering, altering the sensors of the fire alarm system shall be deemed as intended violation of fire protection rules, and shall entail the initiation of the termination of dormitory accommodation.

  • It is prohibited to take any piece of furniture from the areas of shared use to the rooms.

  • Dormitory residents are required to observe the rules of traffic and parking applicable to the Campus of Kassai út. Parking places available to students free of charge: Zákány utca section of Campus Hotel’s parking lot. 

  • Dormitory residents are required to collect waste generated in their residential units selectively, and/or place it into waste storage vessels in a selected manner.

The dormitory community and the agencies, persons operating the dormitory shall be responsible for compliance with the House Rules.
Effective date of the House Rules: 1 September 2018
      Zsuzsanna Gönczi
      chief executive officer
      Campus Hotel Zrt.

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