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Welcome Summer!

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The newest attraction of Nagyerdei park is the Water Tower Adventure Center
It is a home to a whole cornucopia of entertainment options from spring through fall. Not only its 31-m-high observation point gives fantastic views of the surrounding area. A special telescope will also open a visual channel to bygone eras. Nourish your mind and body, respectively, at the permanent exhibitions and eateries. If you crave some physical exercise, check out the climbing wall built in the tower’s structure. The day’s adventures will culminate in the night light show.
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Akciók, hírek

Early bird
Előfoglalási akció ajándék belépőjeggyel
Romeo and Julien
A great classic of ballet history in the performance of the Kiev City Ballet
Aquaticum Spa
For our guest we offer discounted admission to the Spa and Mediterranean Pleasure Baths.
Welcome Summer!
The newest attraction of Nagyerdei park is the Water Tower Adventure Center
Fitness room
Our Fitness room waitting for You!


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